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Microsoft Excel, with XLS as its primary format, is a spreadsheet application from Microsoft. Spreadsheet (xls/xlsx) corruption is a serious threat to data security as Excel users use this application to store and process data in large quantities. Usually MS Office crash, system shut down errors, Excel downloading errors etc., can make Excel spreadsheets corrupt. Microsoft offers some simple inbuilt mechanisms to deal with the corruption of Excel. Some third party XLS recovery tools like RecoveryFIX for Excel are also highly recommended for the recovery of Excel spreadsheets. Here is how we can deal with minor corruption issues of Excel using the Microsoft tools.

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Recover Excel 2010 Files Using Microsoft Office Application Recovery program

MS Excel may suddenly stop responding while you are still working on it. In this case, you can use Microsoft Office Application Recovery program to repair the Excel workbook. The steps for using Microsoft Office Application Recovery program for Excel 2010 recovery are given below:

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools and click Microsoft Office Application Recovery.

  2. Go to the Application list and click Microsoft Office Excel; click Recover Application.
  3. Note: If you click the End Application button, you may loss recent changes made to the Excel workbook.

  4. Now, open the Excel. You can see the Document Recovery task pane on the left, with the recovered Excel workbook on it.

  5. Go to the Document Recovery task pane, click the arrow on the right side of the recovered Excel workbook and Open/Save the workbook as per requirement.

Excel 2010 Recovery before Uninstalling and Reinstalling MS Office

Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the MS Office program helps in resolving the MS Excel corruption issues. However, users are advised to perform MS Office repair as given below before trying uninstalling and reinstalling the MS Office. The steps given are specifically for MS Excel 2010.

Repair MS Excel 2010

Step 1:

Windows 8: Press Windows + X; then click Programs and Features.

Windows 7:Click Start » Control Panel » Programs » Programs and Features

Windows Vista:Click Start » Control Panel » Programs » Programs and Features.

Windows XP: Click Start » Control Panel » Add or Remove Programs.

Step 2:

Select the MS Office Program and click Change

Step 3:

Click Repair » Continue.

Step 4:

Finally restart the computer.

XLS Recovery Using RecoveryFIX for Excel

RecoveryFIX for Excel is an XLS recovery tool that performs seamless recovery of multiple Excel workbooks simultaneously. It accurately recovers all forms of data - text, formulae, calculations, graphs, tables, date formats, numeric values, embedded texts and hyperlinks- from inaccessible Excel files. Designed with an attractive and user-friendly interface, RecoveryFIX for Excel is a tool that can easily be used even by normal users of MS Excel. Notable features of this tool are:

  • Retains the structure and format of the original file after the recovery
  • Operates in two recovery options: Repair single file and Repair multiple files
  • Allows the preview of the recovered files
  • Recovers even password protected Excel files
  • Supports UNICODE character format
  • Owns interactive and user-friendly interface
  • Available as free evaluation version

The Free Version of RecoveryFIX for Excel

You can recover your inaccessible Excel spreadsheets using the trial version of RecoveryFIX for Excel after downloading and installing it free from the website. After the XLS recovery using this tool, you can preview the recovered files. However, if you want to save the recovered files, you need to purchase the full version at the earliest.

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